About Syncs

Syncs from your bank connections to your destination(s) can happen in one of two ways:

Automatic Syncs

Syncs automatically happen whenever Finta receives new data from your bank connection. If your bank connection is powered by Plaid, this can happen anywhere between once to more than three times a day (depending on the bank). Syncs from Stripe connections happen a few minutes after events happen within Stripe.

Because these syncs are automatic, you don’t have to do anything to start or keep them going. For more details, see the docs on automatic syncs in Plaid and Stripe.

Manual Syncs

If you add new tables, update columns, or fixed your destination, you might need to trigger a manual refresh. To do so, go to your destination’s page and click on the refresh button at the top. This will sync all of your data to your destination and should fix any missing or new data. Manual syncs also happen when you update your destination’s sync start date.

Syncs Page

On the syncs page you can see a full history of all of your syncs across every destination and bank connection. sync page

Click on a sync to view more details about how much data was sent to your destination and if there were any errors. sync results

If you every have a question or an issue about a sync, just click on the sync and share the url in the support chat.