How to Connect your Stripe Account

Finta connects to your Stripe account via a restricted key. Follow the steps below to connect your Stripe account to Finta.

1. Create a Restricted Key

Go to the API Keys page within your dashboard to create a restricted key. In order for your data to sync, you’ll need to at least give the key the following persmissions:

  • Read access to All Core resources
  • Read access to All Connect resources
  • Read access to All Billing resources
  • Write access to Webhook Endpoints resources

Finta needs write access to webhook endpoints so that it can automatically set up a webhook endpoint to listen to updates to your customers, subscriptions, invoices, products, and prices. This webhook is used to trigger syncs to your destination.

For your security, using secret keys are not allowed in Finta. Secret keys give applications complete read and write access to your Stripe account which isn’t safe. Although Finta uses top security practices to keep your data safe and private, we want to use best practices when dealing with sensitive data.

2. Set up your connection

On the Accounts page, click “Add Bank Connection” and then click “Stripe”. Enter the restricted key you created in the last step and then click on “Create”.

setup stripe connection

What happens next?

Next, a webhook will automatically be added to your account to listen for events like customer created, subscription updated, invoice paid, etc. These events will be sent to Finta which will then create or update the data within your destination.

To sync all of your historical data to your destination, make sure your Stripe account is connected to your destination

manage stripe connection

Then, go to your destination’s page and click on the refresh button.