Setup Table Configuration

When you create your destination, you can select which tables you would like to be automatically set up for you. If you later decide that you want to sync another table, there are two ways to do so. First, click on “Add Table” on the destination’s page. Then click on the method you want to use.

The easiest way is to let Finta set up the template in your destination automatically. We’ll add all possible columns and will give them the appropriate column types (for Notion and Airtable destinations). create table configuration from template

If you already have a table in your destination that you want to use, you can manually configure the mapping. create table configuration from scratch

Edit Table Configuration

At any point in time, you can update which destination table and columns Finta syncs your data to. To do so, go to your destination’s page, click on the table you would like to update, and select your new table or field.

If you want to add a new field, click on Create from Template within the field’s dropdown. Finta will create that field in your destination with the appropriate type automatically

You can also remove fields that you don’t need. If a field doesn’t have a remove button, then that means the field is required for syncing.

Removing a Table

To stop syncing a particular dataset to your destination, simply delete the table configuration by clicking on the trash can icon. Doing so won’t delete any of the data in your destination. Rather, Finta will no longer sync data to that table in any future syncs.

The Bank Connections and Accounts tables are required for all destinations.

If you don’t see a trash can icon, then that means the table is linked to a column within another table. For example, the Categories table is required if the Category column within the Transactions table is enabled. To delete the Categories table, remove the Category field in the Transactions table. Similarly, the Securities table is required if either of the Holdings or Investment Transactions tables are enabled.