Getting Started

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You can start syncing your financial data to your favorite tools by following three steps.

Set up Bank Accounts

Connect as many bank accounts as you want on the accounts page. Once you connect your bank institution, you can rename your bank accounts if you would like.

Set up a Destination

Create a destination that syncs to Airtable, Coda, Notion, or Google Sheets on the destinations page. While setting up your destination, you will be able to select which accounts you want to sync, what date Finta should start pulling transactions from, which financial data you would like to sync as well as other destination settings. You can create multiple destinations.

Initiate a Sync

Finta will automatically initiate a sync to your destination whenever we receive new transactions, holdings, or investments from your bank accounts. If you would like to initiate a sync sooner (for example to sync historical data), you can do so on the destinations page.