The Rules Engine lets you add custom logic to automatically categorize your transactions whenever Finta syncs to your destination. rules

These rules will run automatically whenever new transactions are delivered to your destination or manually on the Rules page. rules running

How to Get Set Up


Enable Extension

On your destination’s page, enable the rules extension if you haven’t already. This will set up the extension and redirect you to create your first rule. enable rules engine


Create Your First Rule

Create your first rule. You can use any combination of conditions and outcomes (more about these on the next page.)


Run Rule

This rule will automatically apply for all new transactions in future syncs. To run the rule on current data in your destination, click on the run button on the rule’s page. run rule If you have a Coda destination, simply resync your Transactions sync table to see your rule applied.

Clicking on the “All Rules” button at the top of the page will navigate you the main rules page where you can see all of your rules, run multiple rules at once, or archive multiple rules at once.