Add or Remove Accounts

update accounts When you first connect to your bank, you are prompted to select which accounts you want to sync to Finta. You can add or remove bank accounts at any time by clicking on “Update Accounts”.

Bank Accounts

You can update the name of your accounts and the destinations they are connected to. update account

Re-Connect Bank Connection

For security reasons, your bank might require that you re-authorize Finta’s access periodically. When this happens, you’ll receive an email notification. Clicking the “Requires Recognition” button will prompt you to re-enter your credentials in Plaid so that Finta can access your data again.

If you have a Coda destination, you won’t be able to sync to your destination until all bank connection errors are fixed.

reconnect account

If you notice that you need to re-connect your bank too often (e.g. every day), there might be an issue with Plaid’s connection to the institution. If this problem persists, please reach out to